Election 2016 – Interview with Jamaicans & Portia Simpson (Funny Spoof

The Jamaica Labour Party was declared the winner of the 2016 general election, after claiming 33 of the 63 constituency seats. With the JLP handing the PNP a stunning defeat, the green party supporters took to the streets to celebrate its massive victory. Boardlane TV was there to capture some candid movements

Boardlane TV: Hello viewers! I am here in the midst of a jubilant crowd of JLP supporters who took to the streets in a sea of green to celebrate their party’s victory. Let me get some reactions from some of the folks here. Miss, please tell our viewers how you feel about the election outcome.

Tracy: (grinning ear to ear) I feel euphoratic today. VERY, VERY EUPHORATIC! I cyaan tell yuh how it feel fi know seh wi get rid a di bad weed dem inna di country and mi naah chat bout Cali-weed eida. It is going to be a very PRESPEROUS road wid Andrew at di control. I am so very, very EUPHORATIC and EXTASTIC!

Boardlane TV: My, my such big words. Thank you so much for your comment. Young man tell us how you are feeling right about now.

Fabian : (Cheering) Up up up SHOWAAAAA to di worl!!! Yes iyah! Di dinosaur era ova yah now. A fi wi time now. Bare young people a tek ova fram di old cruff dem! A prosperity time now and di labourite team tun up LOUD LOUD!! Mi soon can buy oxtail an cow foot again! Di national dish ago mek a come back like di “Badda Badda” Riddim! No more bread an butta! Brap Brap!

Julia: (Cheering along ) Raaaaaay Andrew Holness  gaan clear! Wi sink PNP ship an run Poorsha outta Gordon House to rahtid! It sweet mi!! Wah day mi si how much tousands a people inna orange outta half way tree square dat mi tink PNP did ago run weh wid di election. Weh dem deh now? Matta fact di only orange mi si tideh a wan man a sell some sour orange inna wan wheel barrow. Nat a nedda orange mi si whole day. Weh dem gaan hide?

Delroy: (Chiming in) Mi know a few a dem weh did dress up inna orange ganzi an orange boot goh polling station. Mi waan wan a dem come beg mi money when JLP start mek money run like riva wata!

Boardlane TV: So it sounds like you believe in the promises of the JLP to get rid of personal income tax for everyone who earns $1.5 million or less?

Delroy: How yuh mean? Yah man! I believe dem! Di man pramise wi seh minimum wage fi move from $6000 to $8000 come April 1st. And so help GAD ALMIGHTY – if mi noh get dat deh money weh him promise wi, mi mek sure call a next election an vote out im Blurtnaught! Mi dead serious!

Boardlane TV: I hear you sir. Although you don’t have the power to call an election but I get your point. (Smiles) Moving along…young man, what do you attribute this win by the JLP to most?

Gregory: Simple put- Portia arrogance and haggish behavior like shi market ooman. Imagine Andrew waan debate an shi come a chat bout shi naah debate nohbaddy! Mi haffi seh to miself, what a lickle renkas bright and outta orda. Portia did a gwaan like shi Jesus Christ but shi naah feed di poor people like weh Him woulda do. Shi noh fit fi bi noh PM caah shi mek wan bag a foo-fool decisions an mek poor people pay feet! An di only new industry weh develop unda fi har government was scamming. Scamma mek more money dan business man to brown daag!

Boardlane TV: With that said, what are you looking forward to from your new government?

Gregory: Good question caah I have a list of demands. (Looking into the camera)) Andrew, mek sure yuh buy back Air Jamaica. Wi lang fi di si wi own iron bird a fly inna di sky. If dem waan hole wi airline hostage, sen fi some man fram dung a Garrison Lane. Mek wi deal wid di case fi yuh. Straight! Nex orda fi yuh bredren… mi waan all a di school pickney dem school fee fi FREE soh dat mi baby modda can hop affa mi fenda bout money a mont time. Every blastid minute book an fee fi pay an mi noh have it a r@@s! Blastid ooman soh flipping igging. Deal wid dat fi mi boss.

Roach: (Adds) Mi have a few demands fi mek to lady.

Boardlane TV: Go ahead. What are your demands?

Roach: Pan day wan mi waan Andrew fi investigate Poorsha an fine out how shi value US$20 million an Obama only value 11 million. A wah goh soh? A mussi Peter Phillips maths shi a use fi count up har money! An mi waan Andrew fi deal wid weh a gwaan ova Goat Island. Wi still noh sure if “Lizzard” dead or alive. Investigate dat to. Free up Buju and Kartel! Run weh di Chinese dem an gi wi back wi land! An mek sure di dollar noh slide wan more penny or else a war!

Boardlane TV: On that note, we would like to let our viewers know that we had an opportunity to speak briefly with the ousted Prime Minister just after her concession speech. Here is the footage:


Boardlane TV: Prime Minister Simpson, what do you have to say about the resounding defeat your party took in the elections? What went wrong in your opinion?

Portia Simpson: Well, hall I hoff to say that the people hoff Jamaica hoff spoken. I just hope and pray dott the JLP does not wreck the economy I work so hord to build up.

Boardlane TV: But Mrs. Simpson, the people of Jamaica would not agree with you that the economy was on good footing given the every day struggles they faced.

Portia Simpson: Look hear noh Miss, doan draw mi tongue! We have done our best. The foct is, we are not quarrelling with anyone. The people voted for a party that promise them all sorts of things that the JLP cannot deliver and I will be watching to see whot hoppens in a few years because the people will be begging bock for me.

Boardlane TV: So you will be monitoring Andrew Holness carefully? Is that what you are saying?

Portia Simpson: I am not watching any of them over that party. As a woman, I doan watch man. What I am saying is that I am going to see if Andrew can find where money hiding to talk bout him going to reduce taxes and increase wages. I am also going to see if him build a bigger mansion than mines. Yes, I will be watching.

Boardlane TV: Would you like to offer any words of advise to the new PM, Mrs. Simpson?

Portia Simpson: No, not really. It is fi dem cross to bear now. Not mine. But I will reach out to Andrew to borrow back the plane because I still plan to go to Rio for the Olympics. I not paying big plane fare to reach dere. That is all. Have a good day.

Boardlane TV: That is all we have for you today folks. The people have spoken. As Jamaica looks towards a new future, let’s hope the country gets stronger than yesterday. Until next time, this is Wendy reporting. Have a pleasant day.

© Written by Joelle C. Wright Feb 25th , 2016

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