A Soh It Goh!

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Book Description:

A SOH IT GOH! is a collection of character-driven sketches that broadly represents the humorous side of Jamaicans as they go about their daily lives on the island. The book illustrates ways in which Jamaicans partake in playful banter and engage in contentious disputes. The characters speak in rich Jamaican patois that adds an entertaining and comical dimension to the stories. The book is comprised of four themes (series):

Mix Up and Blenda (featured stories):
  • Brentwood’s Grand Opening
  • Courtroom Showdown
  • 334 Morebrook Lane
The GPS Navigation Series:  

The “Jamaicanized” GPS navigation system gives directions by landmarks, names of people; and hardly include street names and underestimates time and distance.  Be prepared for to encounter a GPS that is rude, confrontational, very opinionated and has a very short fuse. The “Yaad GPS” puts drivers on the defense due to its incessant verbal tirade and its low tolerance for drivers who are unable to retain or follow driving directions.

The Taxi Tales Series

This series takes you through a day in the life of a middle-aged taxi driver who makes his livelihood on Kingston’s busy streets. The stories capture the very hilarious, heartwarming and sometimes contentious conversations he engages in with passengers he encounters, as he roams the streets of Kingston.

Yaad Dog and Farrin Dog Series:

This series explores the contrast between the lifestyle of the dogs in Jamaica and of dogs living in the United States. Throughout the stories, Farrin Dog displays a stylish persona and is always concerned with his personal grooming. By contrast, Yaad Dog is tough, street-smart and egotistical. He combines a macho and fearless exterior with a big heart. His clownish and “gangster-like” behavior is fodder for much laughter. Despite their obvious personality differences, the dogs enjoy a unique relationship and a compelling emotional bond.

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