Hurricane Matthew – Jamaicans react the Day After (Funny Spoof)

Hurricane Matthew was a category 4 threat to the Island of Jamaica causing widespread worry in the nation and those in the diaspora. However, by the time Matthew made landfall in the island, it was downgraded to a Tropical Storm, dropping heavy rains and causing major flooding in some areas. Jamaicans feeling relief that the dodged the worst, took to the streets to make their feelings known about the Hurricane. Boardlane TV was there to capture the comments.

Boardlane TV: Hello viewers! After much talk of a devastating storm to hit Jamaica since Gilbert, Jamaicans on the streets of Kingston had a lot to say about Matthew. First we have a young lady here ready to speak to us. Are you  relieved that the storm did not make the impact it did?

Polly: (Eye brows raised) As if Macchew was any portion a storm. (Kiss teet) From mi hear di weada man a chat bout im a stall a sea mi did know seh im did out deh a cansida if im really waan come tess Jamdung. Bugga ketch im fraid an decide seh im ago galang bout im bizness an lowe wi. Im noh waan none a dis! Jamaica noh back down to no lickle bway!

Boardlane TV: So you were never once afraid that it could have hit the island as predicted?

Polly:  No sah! Mi can spot a fraud a mile away… all when a storm mi know fakers. From mi seet a dilly dally mi know a smaddy Macchew a look fi ramp wid. Im nave a ting a badda im.

Boardlane TV: Ok Miss… thanks to speaking with us. How about you…what is your take on the hurricane not living up to predictions?

Audrey:  Well as a Christian woman I have to give tanks to di Lawd Gad Almighty fi spare wi wance again. An as a God fearing woman who know my Bible, mi was very bex dat dis storm wid a holy name of wan of Jesas disciples decide seh im was gwine bi a masta of destructian. But di Bible did tell wi seh Matthew betray Jesas soh mi noh surprise im did a try come yah wid im ignorance.

Boardlane TV: Not sure I understand you. Matthew betrayed Jesus? It was Judas who did that Ma’am.

Audrey : (Frowns) Well, Judas – Matthew- dem a di same wikid serpent to mi! Storm weh have Bible name mussen behave dem kina way unless dem a traitor to Jehovah! But Maasa Gad show im who more powaful an run im backside fram yah! I SEH GLORY!! GLORY!! GLORY!

Boardlane TV: Ok Madam. It was a pleasure speaking to you. Sir, same question to you.

Jeff: (Angry) Jah know mi fi give tanks seh it neva soh bad but Jesas Gad man, yuh know how much wok mi put in fi tie dung di house pan di foundation? Mi nail up zinc soh til a weak. Mi board up window, door an di outside tielet an nutten but hard rain come yah! Blastid waste a time dis enoh dawta! Mek dem eva tell wi bout noh more starm. I gwine tear out mi b@tty gi dem an tell dem fi suck pan a straw!

Lloydie: (Chiming in) Well mi a give tanks to di Moas High cause Monday mi did fi deh a court fi possession of tings weh noh belang to mi an mi escape judgement.

Boardlane TV: Things like what sir? Elaborate.

Franky: Nutten too tough. Dem hold mi fi wan Suzuki van weh mi have park up a yaad deh. Mi fine it pan Hope Road laas mont. Sayka Matthew dem call aff di court case an mi have anneda mont fi run robot wi ie soh til di lawya dem tell mi come a court. Selassie know mi noh mine how Matthew come stir up tings. (Grinning) A mi bredrin dat. Fi real.

Delcy: (Snaps ) But si yah Gad. Lissen to dis blastid goat mout teef! A same soh if Macchew did come yah an blow dung wi house, yuh woulda teef every blastid ting unda people nose-ole. Macchew shoulda really huff an puff an blow weh di parasite dem like unu outta di country. Blow unu straight a Cuba mek jancrow nyam unu dung deh! Nutten mi hate dan a bare face teef!

Boardlane TV: Wow! That’s harsh! Moving on to another person here who wants to get in on the conversation. Go ahead Miss.

Petra: All mi know is Hurricane Matthew galang same way like mi baby faada. Im always a tell mi im a come fi look bout im pickney dem an when mi get di pickney dem bade up an ready fi dem puppa come fi dem, all now im noh reach. Look fram when disyah hurricane fi come an when yuh tek a stock… im zoops paas wi an gaan a smaddy else yaad. Same way di pickney dem wuklis puppa behave. Dem yah liyad man!! Mi noh inna nutten wid neida Matthew, Mark, John nor Luke!

Boardlane TV: That is an interesting twist on this matter. I don’t think I expected that. Anyway, this lady seems to be upset. What is on your mind, Miss?

Suzette: (Vexed) Mi feel di govament an business people dem scam wi. Goh look dung a MegaMart an si how di whole a di shelve dem wipe clean! Gas station have line long like  Jesas did out deh a serve fish an bread. Di mount a wata weh mi ketch mi nat even waan dem send mi noh wata bill next mont or else an gwine cuss bare klaat! Dem did well an know seh Matthew a saps an neva did a goh  gwaan wid a ting!

Boardlane TV: But you still can use those essentials – can’t you. They should not go to waste.

Suzette: Lady doan mek mi rude to yuh. Mi tek every shilling mi have fi buy soap powda, shuga, milk, hegg, bread, butta an action DVD caah mi tink mi did ago have movie night. Di govament fi tap scam people fi spen money weh dem noh have! Mi noh have a blinking dime to mi name now an nat a breeze blow fi show feet. If di hurricane did come an jus bore wan hole inna mi house tap, at least mi coulda get lickle insurance money fi dat. But nat a blastid ting mi get outta all mi preparation. Mi not too please wid dis a tall. Dem fi tap ramp wid big people. Oh!

Boardlane TV: Well, you heard it heard first on Boardlane TV folk. Certainly some mixed reviews on  Hurricane Matthew’s journey to the island but the country is blessed to be spared the wrath of another hurricane. Until next time, this is Wendy reporting. Have a pleasant day.

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© Written by Joelle C. Wright Oct 4th , 2016



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