A Soh Dem Gwaan

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Book Description:

A SOH DEM GWAAN! is a collection of character-driven sketches that broadly represents the humorous side of Jamaicans as they go about their daily lives on the island. The book illustrates ways in which Jamaicans partake in playful banter and engage in contentious disputes. The characters speak in rich Jamaican patois that adds an entertaining and comical dimension to the stories. The book is comprised of four themes (series):

Mix Up and Blenda (featured stories):
  • Flight 474
  • House Warming
  • Brown’s Family Reunion
The GPS Navigation Series:

What if your car’s navigation system were Jamaican? Well, you are about to find out through these short sketches in the GPS Navigation Series. The Yaad GPS is impolite, opinionated, and has a low tolerance for drivers who are unable to follow its navigation directives. The GPS argues with drivers and passengers alike and no one is spared its verbal tirade. The Yaad GPS gives driving directions that are at times incomplete, lack specificity, treacherous, and, in typical Jamaican style, underestimate time and distance.

The Taxi Tales Series:

This series takes you through an entire day in the life of Willard “Willy” Taylor, an aggressive and brash taxi driver who ferries passengers between Linstead and Spanish Town. As in a typical day of a Jamaican taxi operator, Willy faces frustration with jammed streets, ruthless competition from other taxi operators, and unruly and colorful passengers. As you read about the incidents and troubles Willy encounters while plying his route, prepare to experience side-splitting laughter.

Sammy the Frog Series:

This series tells the story of Sammy, a beloved amphibian who died at the hands of a menacing child. The animals attend a Wake filled with music, dance and drama; followed by and a heart-wrenching funeral for their friend. Readers of the previous books, A Soh Wi Do It! and A Soh It Goh! will see the return of Yaad Fowl and Yaad Dog in this series. They play a pivotal role in bringing the animals together as they organize Sammy’s Wake in typical Jamaican style. Familiar characters such as, Farrin Fowl and Farrin Dog, also play key supporting roles in these stories. This series also introduces a supporting cast of other animals with diverse personalities: Sista Cow, Bredda Dankey, Billy Goat and others.

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