A Soh Life Goh!

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Book Description:

A SOH LIFE GOH! is the fourth collection of short stories depicting  the diverse personalities of the Jamaican culture. The book features a wonderful mix of fiery and spirited characters who provide side-splitting entertainment from one series to the next. The stories are peppered with dramatic scenes that elicit laugh-out-loud moments and entertaining scenarios. The characters speak in rich Jamaican patois that adds a comical dimension to the stories. The book is comprised of four themes (series):

Mix Up and Blenda (featured stories):
  • The Funeral From Hell
  • Save Moore Furnishing
  • Birthday Link Up For Pervs
The GPS Navigation Series:

What if your car’s navigation system were Jamaican? Well, you are about to find out through these short sketches in the GPS Navigation Series. The Yaad GPS is impolite, opinionated, and has a low tolerance for drivers who are unable to follow its navigation directives. Known for its short fuse, tirades and obnoxious mannerisms, the Yaad GPS remains complex, intriguing and opinionated while still delivering an agonizing experience for drivers and passengers alike.

The Bank Chronicles Series:

his series showcases the interactions between Bank Customer Service Representatives and visitors to their respective banks. The stories feature representatives from a community bank and a merchant bank doing their best to resolve issues, complaints and grievances brought to them in the most eccentric manner. Cooperation is hard to obtain from these unreasonable individuals who have a warped sense of the services the bank provides. You will laugh at the exchanges and will find there is little opportunity for any satisfactory resolution and acceptable outcomes

Inna Di Bus Series:

This series provides a hilarious spin on what life is like commuting on two modes of transportation – the Jamaica Urban Transit Public buses and minibuses. The stories capture all the nuances of using  Jamaica’s public transportation system. “Iinna di bus” there is constant interaction and there are always a couple jokers setting off laughter among passengers with a few contentious bouts sprinkled in between. In this series you will be entertained by a cast of characters that offer side-splitting laughter as they are ferried to Mandeville and Constant Spring.