A Soh Wi Do It!

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Book Description:

A SOH WI DO IT!  is a hilarious collection of character – driven sketches that represent the Jamaican culture. The characters in the book are Jamaicans and the various stories depicted are set in Jamaica. The book is comprised of four themes (series):

Mix Up and Blenda (featured stories):
  • Earl and Enid’s Wedding Day
  • Negril Road Trip
  • Bag&Pan Clothing Factory
The GPS Navigation Series:

Imagine a “Jamaicanized” version of a GPS navigation system where directions provided identify people by name, hardly include street names, and underestimate time and distance. This “Yaad GPS” is rude, lacks common courtesy and give its drivers pure hell! Put yourself in the driver’s seat and take a ride with the GPS. But if you cross the GPS, there is no telling how the ride will end.

The Dread’s Response Series

The Dread goes through a series of interviews but his interpretations of the questions reflects his belief system and mind set that he is being oppressed by the “system.” His responses serve as a protest against oppression and authority and as a result, he is rejected in each interview. This does not make ‘The Dread’ a happy camper.

Yaad Fowl and Farrin Fowl Series:

The Yaad Fowl and Farrin Fowl series explores the contrast in the cultural differences of how chickens are raised in Jamaica versus being raised abroad. Witness Yaad fowl display her feisty Jamaican mannerisms and colloquial expressions, while she exerts her superior and contentious attitude towards the hoity-toity and dainty Farrin Fowl.

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