Reviews: A Soh Dem Gwaan!

 What People Are Saying!

A Soh Dem Gwaan is funny from beginning to end. None stop laughter.Very well written by Joelle Cohen Wright. The Patois is spot on and depicts the life of the Jamaicans. The book and the characters comes to life as you read the pages and become apart of the stories. Joelle can tell a story just like Miss Lou did! The books makes great gifts and I have only gotten compliments that it’s the best gift ever and the laugher it brings is priceless. A friend said it brought her and her teenage daughter together, they spend time now reading the book and just dying laughing and having a good ole time. There is nothing better than laughter and this book will not disappoint. The best stress reliever ever! Please note don’t read in public as you will burst out laughing and people may think you are crazy. I did it!

— Sandra Gracey,  Florida

This book is belly full of laughter,even after I was finished reading it,I recalled some of the scenes and burst out laughing to myself,its a great book, a funny book and it is worth every dollar I spent for it, Get yourself a copy and you will see what I am talking about..

– E. Lynch,  Florida

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