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While I have yet to read this book, I am very familiar with Joelle’s writings over 10+ years.
She will make you laugh, cry, smirk, and wink at others who have no concept as to why you are so doing.
This woman has a great talent and I am so thrilled she has finally published a book.
She has written many of her stories over the years and posted them on They have been snatched over and over and posted so many other places with no acknowledgement. This is why I am thrilled she finally did some copy writing and published her own stories.
I am certain this is only the first of many books you will see from this talented lady.    Read and enjoy.                          

Victoria M. Anderson, Sacramento, CA                           


I just bought this book, my first by Joelle Cohen Wright. As a fellow J’American (i.e. born & bred in Jamaica and now living here in America), I knew I wanted to read it when I heard about it on the web. I could not stop laughing, tears were rolling down my cheeks, my sides were splitting! Joelle writes in such a way that you can actually visualize the scenes, and having been a participant in some similar instances during my years in Jamaica, it is all the more realistic to me. Brings back memories and more. I highly recommend this book to all the J’Americans out there, genuinely funny, in a way we “Yardies” can truly appreciate!                           

Levy Allen, Florida                            


After the first couple of pages I began to laugh and found it hard to stop reading. I was blinded by tears of laughter as I read through the pages.
It was great to be reminded of our Jamaican heritage and unique style of verbal expressions, insights and interpretations of certain situations.
The book brightened and lifted my mood for over a week after of reading it. I highly recommend it. Comedy at its best.                         

— A Sherwood,  United Kingdom                         


This book is full of humour. I could not stop laughing from the moment I started reading till the end. Some of the characters and scenarios seemed so real, as it brings back memories of times in Jamaica. This is a great read.                         

— P Rowe, Atlanta                         


The book had me in stitches, it takes you right back to the real rootsiness and lighter side of Jamaican culture.  From the first chapter the book has a delicious engaging mix of humour and a certain feel good factor that makes it difficult to put down without seeing what’s in store in the next chapter.                         

If you are in need of a good hearty belly laugh then this is the book. It captures the true essence of Jamaican  humour  perfectly. Miss Cohen Wright has certainly done herself proud with her first book. I hope this is the first of many more as I am already a big fan, I thoroughly recommend this book.                         

— Johnny P,  United Kingdom                          


 “Downright yard style HILLARIOUS!!!!  I couldn’t put it down.The first sketch grabbed me, and before I got to the second paragraph I was rolling uncontrollably with laughter. Let me tell you, all sorts of images ran through my mind.  I began to relive memories and recall adults in conversation from my youth growing up in Jamaica. “Mi laugh till mi belly hat mi!!” No regrets. This is a must have for your collection! “                          

  — Karen Lee, Florida            



This book was a pleasure to read from beginning to end! I was born and grew up in Jamaica, and during the 27 years I lived there I knew or observed people there that resemble every hilarious character in this book.    As I read the stories, I laughed out LOUD many times (even in public places 🙂 ) as I recognized the amusing audacity of many of these characters which are part of the Jamaican culture; and remembered my own experiences with similar characters, places, and travels within Jamaica. Buy this book if you want some great comic relief and if you understand (or are interested in) Jamaican Patois and traditional culture.                    

  — A. Stennett,  Alberta Canada                         


 There is only one word to describe this book, HILARIOUS! The minute I found out that Joelle had written this book, I decided that I had to order my copy. I felt the need to support my fellow school mate, but I was more captivated by the title. From cover to cover, this book did not disappoint me; it is filled with laughter.   The book paints a perfect picture of the Jamaican culture and its people. Growing up in Jamaica I can definitely relate to the stories, and felt the connection. Joelle is a true artist to be able to portray such a wonderful mix of characters. It is an easy read and “funny caan dun”.  Love it, and highly recommend it.             

 — S. Lynch,  Montreal, QC                   


Although this maybe the author’s first published work, she has been making her fans laugh for over a decade on the pages of The culmination of that writing experience makes A Soh Wi Do It a well thought out collection that is a joy to read.   

Joelle Cohen Wright’s style is best described as a lyrical cartoonist. She can spot the humorous aspects of the diverse personalities in our culture and draw a cartoon in our minds with words. This often results in the reader getting awkward stares on the subway while they bust out laughing, spitting out their drink, and occasionally dropping out from their chair!   

While the book is written in standard English, the characters use a rich Jamaican Patwa that adds another dimension to the story. The author is very crafty with the language and as Louise “Miss Lou” Bennett used to say:  ‘Nutten eena di world nuh sweet like when fi mi Jamaican dem go fi spoke.’ Even though the book is tailored towards Jamaicans at home and in the diaspora, readers from other Caribbean islands and visitors to Jamaica will find the book just as funny.    

 — Mr. B, Dubai, United Arab Emirates    

The Book “Ah Soh Wi Do It” by Author Joelle Cohen Wright is extremely funny, an easy read and very hard to put down. Caution: do not read in public because I guarantee you will have sudden unexpected bursts of laughter that will have onlookers viewing you as strange – just my experience.

Joelle’s writing pulls you into the situations and makes the reader a part of the drama. It doesn’t matter which Carribean Island you are from the characters and situations are relatable and hilarious! I would love to see the stories made into a stage play.
This is a must read; you will not be disappointed.

  — A. Henry, Baltimore, Maryland


A soh wi do it! A so wi tan! We know how to laugh, and we like to laugh. While reading the book it was non-stop laughter. It is true, we are one of a kind because we are very special. Yes, there is no place like home. Since I am not there, this book has brought home to me. If you are proud of where you are from, you will not want to put this book down. Ah rite! Ah rite! Confession time. I have read and re-read the book. It nice suh til! Nuh body nuh do it betta dan Jolle Cohen Wright! Makes a great gift that will be priceless.

 — S. Gracey, Canada

          This book is great reading and will mainly appeal to Jamaicans. However it can be enjoyed by all. It can be described as particularly nostalgic for Jamaican living in the diaspora who wish to capture slices of life back home. For me it brought back great memories of times past and is quite hilarious for the most part. Well done!!!

 — C. Holdsworth, Kingston, Jamaica

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