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I LOVE THIS BOOK! I read an excerpt from this book and enjoyed it so much that I immediately went to and purchased the book. Not only did I buy this one, I also purchased “A Soh Wi Do It” as well. Joelle did a great job capturing the ways of the Jamaican people. I started reading it in my doctors office and could not stop laughing, I was actually laughing out loud. I am sure the other patients thought I was mad. WARNING! Be careful where you read these books. I showed one of my white, non-Jamaican coworkers the book and she also purchased one for a Jamaican lady she knows. I hope to read many more of Joelle’s books and cannot wait for the next one.

Please do not deny yourself the treat that is in store for you when you purchase these books.

Sylvia U. Brown,  Fredericksburg, Virginia

A Soh It Goh” is Joelle Cohen Wright’s latest collection of scenarios from the Jamaican way of life, and she has truly outdone herself with this book. It is a must-read for all J’Americans, and also for anyone who has ever lived in Jamaica for any length of time. It will definitely bring back memories of the life in Jamaican, and it will also bring many laughs, not to mention tears of laughter. Joelle has a gift for illustrating in words situations so authentically Jamaican, you just know these things could never have happened anywhere else. Only in Jamaica would you ever hear “Sweet Biskit” being used as a term of endearment! Joelle’s stories are reminiscent of another famous Jamaican story-teller, Louise Bennett, a/k/a Miss Lou. In fact, I think she must surely have studied at Miss Lou’s school of comedy, and she was undoubtedly a straight-A student!
Joelle’s writing is just brilliant, and of course, hysterically funny. She is truly a National Treasure to Jamaican literature

— Levy Allen,   Florida

There should be a big warning label on this book! Very funny book, which makes me laugh out loud, even when reading in a quiet environment. I got dirty looks while reading in a library recently. I love the satirized version of Jamaican everyday life, and the way Joelle has developed very funny caricature of everyday Jamaican people from all walks of life. This is one of two books, an both are equally hilarious!  Hopefully, more to come?!

— C Buckley,   Chicago

Another side-splitting read. I just can’t help laughing out loudly when reading this book,(although reading silently to myself). The stories transport me back to those days growing up in Jamaica and having or listening to similar conversations. Fantastic light entertainment.

— A Sherwood,   United Kingdom

This book is very hilarious. This is an excellent read. I would not recommend to read in public because  I laughed so hard; people were looking at me as if I was crazy. The graphic detail of the short stories brings the characters to life. If after a bad day and you need a good laugh; this is the book for you.

— Nicky, Baltimore, Maryland

Reading “A Soh it Goh” had me in stiches! I nickname the author, Joelle Cohen Wright a modern day Louise Bennett (Ms. Lou). If you need a good laugh, need to brush up on your patiois or learn some new funny sarcastic phrases, this is the book for you. I enjoyed it from cover to cover.

— A Henry,  Baltimore, Maryland

I very much enjoyed this book, which is along the same line as the author’s other book, which made me laugh out loud, while reading it in a quiet Library. Of course it got me some dirty looks. I love the satirized version of Jamaican everyday life, and the way Joelle has made very funny caricature of everyday Jamaican people from all walks of life. This is one of her two books, an both are equally hilarious!

— J Kid,  Detroit, Michigan

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