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Live Broadcasting From The Buju Banton Trial

Boardlane TV has been following the trial of reggae superstar Mark Myrie, also known as ‘Buju Banton’ since the court session began. Banton is on trial for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine. He could get a maximum of 20 years to life in prison if convicted.

Buju Banton’s fans have turned out in their numbers for the trial that started on Monday.  We have exclusive insider reporting into the happenings inside the Tampa Court from the fans of Buju Banton.

 Boardlane TV: Good afternoon, you look a little deflated from the proceedings. Tell us what seems to be your worry.

Suzette: Yes Miss lady, mi waan know is why a bare farrina deh pan di jury? Imagine seh a whole heapa  DJ  out deh a look food fi nyam an coulda deh pan di jury fi retribute justice fi Buju. Dem farrin people noh undastan di suffaratian wey  yaad man goh troo. Dem jus a goh look pan im rasta head an automatically tink seh im a drugs man. A soh dem dutty minded people apparate.

Boardlane TV: So who would you suggest should make up a jury of his peers mam?

Suzette: Lady mek mi tell yuh -man like Flourgon, Shabba Ranks,  DelaRanks and Yellowman fi up deh a lissen to wey di stinka dem a seh bout Buju. Dem woulda simpatize caah mi know fi a fac seh dem man deh tek coke inna fi  dem time to. Yuh did know seh a coke mek Yellow Man mout lean an look like absess  a grow inna im teet?

Boardlane TV: No, I had no idea. Well thank you for taking my question. Let me talk to another individual. Young lady, yes you in di red blouse… come over and let me have a talk with you for a moment.

Merlene: Hi how yuh doing? Wan minute deh before yuh start. (she takes the mike away from the reporter). I want to sen greetings to Aunt Myrna ina Dumfries Trelawny. Wishing a hawty ‘ello to mi bredda pan mi modda side – cyaan memba im name now fram Nanny Town dung a Portlan. Big Up! BUJU SHALL OVACOME! WI NAAH LEF IM OUT! BRAP!

Boardlane TV: Ok, can I have the mike back please?  Thank you. During the trial, you were seen covering your ears when the tapes where being played. Can you explain to Boardlane TV why you did that?

Merlene: Lady mi feel it fi im enoh. It did look bad fi im an den when mi hear seh tape a goh play, mi heart cudden stan fi hear noh more an mi dis cawk up mi ears ole. Mi cyaan tek an noh stress seka mi carry belly fi Buju now. Im is di love of mi life, mi hawt an mi soul, only deat will do us part. By di way, yuh did hear wey dem did a seh pan di tape?

Boardlane TV: Yes. He was caught on tape claiming he was getting into drug smuggling to feed and send his 15 children to school.

Merlene: Seh wah?! Den a how di  backside  im mek di tree pickney dem mi hav fi im a dead fi ungry?!  Soh fi mi pickney dem a noh nutten to im? Yuh si seka dat, a hope di govament heng up im roosss by im teelie  an put im pan display mek  a get fi stone out im kacka-ole!

Boardlane TV: Alrighty then. So much for supporting Buju.  Sir, you in the green and yellow Clarks shoes. Could I ask you a question? What do think about the guilt or innocence of the defendant in the case?

Donavon: Well so far mi tink im innocent enoh. As far as mi si dem a try di man fi taste lickle coke. Fi all I know, Buju coulda tink seh a milk powda dem a gi im fi taste. A set dem set im up. No evidence did deh fi seh di man move coke fram pint A to pint B,  yuh si mi?

Boardlane TV: So what do you think about the accusation about smuggling diamonds from Africa?

Donavon: Dutty canspiracy lady! Mo’ Fiyah! Mi know fi a fac seh wey dem a cawl diamond a Cubic zirconian. A di sed false sinting yuh si a glissen ina Buju teet. A dat dem a cawl diaman smuggling.   (kiss teet ) Buju B  is a  ghetto yute. Wey im know bout diaman? Di only ting di man tek outta Africa is wan antique wood stool! Mi noh know wey dem a chat bout!

Boardlane TV: Interesting comments sir. Thank you.  Mister over here please. Do you have opinion as to what you have heard in court today sir?

Rohan: Yes mam …a  bare almshouse bisness a gwaan ina di courtroom. Yuh si di infarma bway wey a wok fi di govament…unu noh si seh di man a try escape dip back to Columbia? Di way how mi si it a im bring argument to Buju bout coke bizness an Buju run di bway! Im tek bex  an  cawl dung Babylon pan Buju. A infarma bway fi dead!

Boardlane TV: But what about the tapes sir? It was Buju who was clearly asking Mister Johnson to set up the deal to acquire cocaine. Wouldn’t you agree with that?

Rohan: Lady tap gwaan like yuh naah si weh a gwaan!  Buju did a talk on behalf of di two bway dem wey come fram Georgia name Ike  an Tyke! Buju noh inna noh coke bizness! Di yute is all about Music an bussing gun shat inna b@tty bway head.  A bet seh dem same set a chi-chi man a set im up? Di same way how dem did seh a neva R Kelly pan di tape,  mi noh believe seh a Buju dat pan di tape eida. Dem deh bogus cassette fi dash wey!

Boardlane TV: Ok, thanks for your comments sir. Have a good day.  Hi young lady, come talk to Boardlane TV. Do you think the defendant is guilty as charged or are you here to support him?

Donnet: Miss lady, Buju a wan a wi, soh wi  did haffi come yah fi support im. Mi cyan believe wey dem a try do to wi Jamaican Igol. Di man wey testify tideh seh Buju neva buy di jrugs, im only talk bout it. Soh a how dem fi hole Buju when all im do is fantisize fi bi a drug king pin? At least im a show some ambition. Nuff people have di same dream fi run jrugs up an dung di place, but dat noh mek wi jrug smuggla. Dat jus a show yuh seh money naah run an wi a look fi sinting betta in life. Mek dem move an gweh!

Boardlane TV: But drug smuggling is against the law madam. Shouldn’t he have dreams that are less criminal in nature?

Donnet: People fi tap paas judgement pan di bway. Buju seh im have pickney fi feed an sen goh school. Di man haffi try a ting. Supposen seh im did really a try sell jrugs, mi noh blame im caah Candense milk an school unifarm dare out hell!  Im jus a try bi a good baby faada fi im pickney dem. Dem  fi tap treat Buju like im a some cumunoono! After all!

Boardlane TV: Ok  miss, I am sure he appreciates your support. Let me get Stephen Marley on camera. Hi Stephen, you were one of the key witnesses for the defense. What can you tell us about your relationship with Buju and do you think he will be convicted?

Stephen: Well mi haffi come defen mi idren caah mi know Buju fi bout 20 years now. Mi an im use to bun calliweed wid Peta Tosh an Bunny Wailer back when wi was a yute a  goh a school – zeen?  As mi seh to di court, Buju a di voice of di people.  An wi naah goh stan fi di heathen dem silence di vice dat gi wi peace loving choones like  ‘Man Fi Dead’ an ‘Boom Boom By Bye. ’ Dem lyrics deh speak to heart of di Jamaican people – zeen?

Stephen then burst out into a skank and begins to sing one of Buju’s songs with gun finger in the air:

Let Jah rise and the heathen scatter

Have to give thanks and praises no matter

Even if the flames is getting hotter & hotter

Every one should know I don’t believe in rumor..

Stephen: WHEEEELLLLL!! Buju yuh dun know. Yuh safe lick bulla inna  glass case. Dem a try get yuh outta di rat race. Dem set pizen fi rasta taste but di Babylon bway dem noh hav noh case – easy yuhself Dread an noh watch noh face!

Boardlane TV: Ok folks, that’s all the live reporting we have from BoardlaneTV at the moment. We are hoping we can get a word with the Defendant’s Lawyer or the defendant himself later in the day or in the future. Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

©  Joelle “Wendy” Wright